Epic and Exciting

If you’ve never karted before, or even if you have. You know you’re in for a real treat when you see our newly refurbished track and highly maintained biz karts. Ranging from 270cc Biz karts for adults in search of that fast-paced adrenaline boost, to 160cc Cadet Biz karts for smaller adrenaline seekers and finally, 120cc/ 4bhp Bambino Biz karts for younger karters starting out with their training wheels. 

There are plenty of straight stretches to let you build up speed and really let rip, while our winding corners will task your turning and control skills. Race against friends or other riders, or time yourself and push yourself to keep making faster and faster speeds. 

Lune Karting is the only circuit to offer pre-laps, what we find to be the perfect way for those that aren't as confident or just starting out, to help decide if you're ready to compete against others on track.

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